Why BBBSA Finance?

We’re Here to Help You Grow
With lending solutions developed for financial services professionals

  • Tailored loans and advice
  • Get indicative approval within 30 minutes
  • Benefit from our win-win approach

Tailored loans and advice

As a dedicated finance broker and planner lender, we don’t come at you with a cookie cutter inflexible offering. We look at every deal individually.  There is no one price, no one-size-fits-all, but instead it is “rate-for-risk”.

We will help you to minimise that rate because we are in business to write loans, not turn business away. As every customer is different, so every loan is a custom fit – dependent on what you need, not what we have to offer.

We pride ourselves on being a one-stop boutique.  Where else can you go to get not only advice but a loan to stand behind the advice?  We put our money where our mouth is!

Get indicative approval within 30 minutes

In our first 30 minute call, we can provide an answer as to whether you will qualify for financing and an accurate indication of how much you can potentially lend.

Benefit from our win-win approach

We are always trying offer loan products that allow us to share part of the downside risk and upside gain with you – so you can borrow at higher LVR’s and maximise your borrowings.  We’re more than just a lender, if you need it, we can serve as your financial partner. That is why our war cry is:  “We provide the loans that banks can’t or won’t provide.”

Why You’ll Love BBBSA Finance:

Maximum Returns. Minimum Hassle

Quickly and discreetly sell your trail book through our extensive client network

Guaranteed highest price or we’ll pay you

Receive the highest price for your Trail Book or we will return the book and give you $250. That’s why we’re known as The Broker’s Broker.

Extensive network of qualified buyers

Access our broad network of qualified buyers giving you confidence that we negotiate the highest price and fastest sale for your Trail Book.

Register you interest in selling your trail book

Fast, Friendly and Efficient Service

We provide a confidential and guaranteed fast sale with highest prices assured. Plus, if you need money quickly we will purchase your book directly.

Become a Financial Partner

Take advantage of our expansion capital to grow, diversify or partially retire by selling part of your business to us.

Our Buy Back Policy

With our Buy Back Policy, simply repurchase your book if you have a change of heart.